NOTICE: Fullscreen is recommended!

A platformer that only uses ONE button. You can use it to shoot, run and jump at once!

How it works:  If you press any key, you start moving into the direction you are facing. While you do that, you constantly shoot bullets out of your back. If you release that key, you'll jump.

If you toch a pink wall, you'll turn around.

Music by: Dan-O, Youtube Audio Library

An entry to Wowie Jam (everything interacts with everything)

Install instructions

Unpack the .zip file and run 'ButtonGame.exe'


Runnable 46 MB

Development log


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New version is out!

Something is really wrong with the input, it's like doesn't work all of the time

Thanks for your feedback! Describe your problem closer please because it's hard to understand what exactly is wrong with the input. I hope i can fix it soon, though! :)


Interesting concept, but it's got a lot of bugs. 

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Could you please tell me which ones so I can fix them? thank you

Its cool. For me its a little bit difficult... 

Thanks for your feedback, I know it's a bit difficult because you can't move against your velocity to stop moving, although that's what I thought there. But thanks for your feedback, I'll try making it not so difficult


Nice idea but falling doesn't restart the game so I you have to reload the whole page (and lose all the progress)

You can restart with 'R', maybe I should make that more clear


I was able to complete the game using this one simple trick.